‘Open Bulgaria’ is a program aiming to build an online hub that will help Bulgarian producers to create a digital outlet for selling their products. It is an opportunity created by eMAG for entrepreneurs manufacturing in Bulgaria.

In this way you can access a large market with customers, who are looking for Bulgarian products, wherever they are in the country.

You will develop your business by offering the products, made by you, on eMAG Marketplace platform.

Throughout your participation in the ‘Open Bulgaria’ program, you can benefit from all the advantages of an eMAG seller: you receive support from the Marketplace team when you need, but most importantly, you will be able to expose and promote your products to an impressive number of customers.

The eligibility criteria for enrolling in
‘Open Bulgaria’ program:

Is constituted as a legal person of private law, individual enterprise or family enterprise;

Carries out activities in the field of non-food production, and is able to prove the necessary activity type linked to the products manufactured by them;

You have registered a turnover of no more than BGN 150,000 for the previous financial year;

Your undertaking is active in Bulgaria in the realization / manufacture of products;

Produces serial products (large, medium or small series production, including handmade).

What do you have to do?

  • Fill in the form and check that you are a Bulgarian producer
  • You send us the documents proving that you are a manufacturer
  • We analyze whether you are eligible to enter the program
  • You sign the issued contract
  • You upload your products on the platform
  • Your products will be labeled with a ‘Open Bulgaria’ badge

What is important for you to know:

Sellers joining the ‘Open Bulgaria’ program can receive up to a 75% commission discount for their marketplace sales, and nonprofit organizations can participate in the program completely free of charge, with a 0% commission.

Each product, manufactured in Bulgaria, will be labeled on the site and the application with the specific ‘Open Bulgaria’ badge so that eMAG visitors can easily identify them in their searches. You must confirm to us that the products that will be so badged are indeed manufactured in Bulgaria.

Please note that it is compulsory for all the registration criteria to be met, throughout your participation, as a seller in ‘Open Bulgaria’ program.

If, subsequently, one of the eligibility conditions are no longer met, you have to inform the Marketplace team within 5 days that you no longer meet the criteria for participation in the program. In this case, eMAG will automatically withdraw the ‘Open Bulgaria’ badge applied to your products, from the date when even one of the conditions for participation is no longer met, and a new commission will be applied, according to the standard eMAG commission grid.

If you represent an undertaking with production in Europe, please contact eMAG Marketplace team for more information about “Open Europe” program.