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The commission charged by eMAG applies only to sales and varies between 7% and 25%, depending on the category to which your products belong.

You only pay a commission on the sale of products and you also have:

  • 0 listing costs
  • 0 account management costs
  • 0 subscription cost

Accepted formats are: PDF or JPG, JPEG, and PNG images. The maximum accepted file size for each document is 2MB.

In the seller registration process, you need to complete an Excel file with the products you want to sell. You can choose up to 5 categories that you consider relevant to your field of activity. You can download the Excel file from Step 4 of the Onboarding form, and you need to maintain the same format while filling it out.

After completing the file, you can upload it back into the form. This list will help us determine if you have correctly selected the earlier categories. Product details such as name, price, stock, delivery period, or warranty can be modified anytime after the listing process is completed.


Ads products are displayed on the category page and in the “Promoted Products” widget on the product pages in the category.

* At this moment we are testing three variants of displaying the products promoted by eMAG Ads. These will be visible on the category page, being marked with the text “Promoted” and will be displayed in one of the three areas of the product listing page: Throughout the testing period there will be no option to select the position where the promoted products will be displayed. These will appear in one of the three variants, depending on the relevance of the products and the bids configured for them. And if you can’t find the list of products promoted in the listing, you may have been placed in a test group that does not display eMAG Ads. You can try to delete cookies and access the listing page again. It is also possible that in some categories the eMAG Ads area will not be displayed if the system considers that the products in the campaigns are not relevant enough.

Displaying Ads products considers:

  • Relevance of the promoted product in the category to which it belongs;
  • Bid value as product bid by advertisers;
  • Holding the buy button offer;
  • The stock of the promoted product.

You pay the value set by you as a product bid for each click obtained. eMAG Ads allows cost optimization through the PPC (pay-per-click) model and leaves you free to manage your campaign on your own.The maximum costs per day are limited depending on the daily budget allocated to the campaign. Once the daily budget is reached, the campaign will no longer generate costs on that day.

In the eMAG Ads dashboard, you can find traffic and sales statistics at campaign level, including sales value and cost per click.You can also download the XLS report. Download the campaign to have data at product level (impressions; clicks; cost per click).


In your account, you can see a map of the steps you need to take. If it’s not displayed, you can click on the flag of the country you want to expand to on the dashboard. The first step is to sign the legal documents for each platform separately, then sign a transport contract with at least one courier company.

According to the current legislation, if you have remote sales within the European Union exceeding 10,000 euros, you need to declare VAT for these sales. You can easily do this by registering in the One Stop Shop portal.

In the Cross-Border program, there are integrated couriers in the platform that can pick up products from your warehouse in Romania and deliver them to Bulgaria and Hungary.

You can manage them separately for each platform or use price and stock synchronization options to manage them from a single location.

After your products are automatically and freely translated by eMAG, if you have the automatic export option activated, your products will be listed with the same price as in Romania and the same stock. If you’ve deactivated automatic export, after translation, you’ll need to download the file from the Romania platform and upload it to the new platform. Note that if they’re not automatically exported, they will have different IDs and you won’t be able to use price and stock synchronization options.

FAQ GENIUS easybox

In the Legal Documents section of your account, you can sign the Genius Addendum. After signing, all your eligible easybox products will receive the Genius label. If there are products you don’t want in the program, you can use the “Deactivate Genius Property” option in the My Offers menu.

In the Genius easybox program, it’s not necessary to offer express delivery, only to hand over packages to the courier according to the set delivery time.

Starting from September 13, 2023, a Genius contribution of 2 RON + VAT is applied to all completed Genius orders that you’ve handed over to the courier. This doesn’t apply to returns.

In the payment breakdown with each payout, you’ll see your Genius contributions for all eligible orders in the reference period.

Genius customers with a saved card in their account enjoy a quick refund as soon as the package is collected from the easybox by the courier. If the returned products reach you damaged, please send us evidence via messaging for potential compensation.


Every month, you’ll receive a dedicated newsletter about the eMAG campaign calendar, where you can find eligibility criteria, or you can follow newsletters for each campaign. Additionally, in the eMAG Marketplace platform, in the Dashboard or the Promotion menu – Campaigns, you can identify all active campaigns where you can upload offers. Learn more about the eMAG campaign calendar here.

Depending on the campaign type (discount or voucher), the minimum discounts vary. For campaigns with discounts, you need to apply at least a 5% discount from CMMP 30 (3% for the Fashion & Sport division) or a minimum 50 RON absolute reduction. Campaigns with direct basket applied vouchers have minimum discount thresholds based on categories, which you can see here: eMAG Marketplace Campaigns.

In the Promotion – Campaigns – Actions section, you’ll download a file containing eligible products for the campaign you want to participate in.

If the campaign type is a discount, you need to fill in the promotional price and upload the file to the platform via XLS import.

If the campaign type is a voucher, you only need to upload a file to the platform with the campaign’s products to which the minimum campaign discount will apply. If you want to offer a greater discount, send us a separate file via Messaging.

After uploading the file to the platform via the XLS Import option, you have two options:

  • In the Promotion – Campaigns menu, select the desired campaign, and in the Valid Offers or Rejected Offers section, you can view a generated file with the status of the products.
  • If you’ve used XLS import, you can identify the import status and product status next to the uploaded file.

If you want to remove specific products from a campaign you’ve already joined, you need to message us in the General Campaigns menu – Campaign Information, along with the list containing the campaign ID, PNK, and product IDs you want to remove. If you want to withdraw all the products you’ve enrolled in a campaign, you can send us the initially enrolled product file via Messaging, selecting the General Campaigns menu – Campaign Information.


Storage is free for the first 30 days for each replenishment in FBE.

FBE processing costs for received orders start from 3.40 RON per unit. You can use the FBE Simulator to estimate the costs if you choose to use the Fulfilment by eMAG service.

From the eMAG Marketplace platform, you need to create a goods reception request. You can only send products to the warehouse that meet the legal requirements derived from national and European legislation. Before sending the first products to the warehouse, you’ll need to provide specific data about your products, volume, storage, and handling conditions to eMAG.

To withdraw products from the eMAG warehouse, you need to create a withdrawal request. When creating the request, you should add the products you want to remove from the warehouse. Once you’ve added the products to the request, all details about the quantity of the products are visible in the product list.

For return requests, eMAG will handle collecting the parcels from customers. In the case of unsealed products, you’ll be notified by eMAG to collect these products from the warehouse.

FAQ Taxes & Fees

Payments are made twice a month. For completed orders between the 1st and 15th of each month, payments are processed on the 17th or the first working day after that. For orders from the 16th to the 28th/30th/31st of each month, payments are processed on the 3rd or the first working day after that.

In the Financial menu, under the Breakdown section, you can select breakdowns for each billing period. There, you can see details about products sold in each order, the commission applied to them, and the commission for the delivery fee if the products were home-delivered.

In the Financial menu of your eMAG Marketplace account, under the Invoices section, you’ll find information about all issued invoices. You can filter them based on periods and download them in .pdf or .xls format.

Delivery to easybox lockers is a service provided by eMAG to all customers, so you have zero costs for delivering products to lockers. Additionally, you can’t set a transportation fee for locker delivery since this aspect is managed between eMAG and the customer, and there’s no commission for this type of delivery.

The commission is automatically deducted by eMAG from the sales you’ve made on the eMAG Marketplace platform. If you need to pay certain amounts that weren’t withheld, you’ll receive a message in your eMAG Marketplace account.

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