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In the Orders menu, you can quickly view all new orders and filter them by

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The My Offers menu is a rich source of extremely useful information about


Learn all about selling on eMAG through the Marketplace platform


Periodically, campaigns on which you can upload your offers are activated on the


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Campaign pricing recommendations

In this tutorial, we will offer you recommendations for setting the price, when you upload offers in the active campaigns on the eMAG Marketplace platform.


Welcome to the Dashboard interface of your seller account! It is the main page of the account, which displays all the data, statistics and options

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eMAG Academy is located on this website (, in a dedicated tab within the menu. You need to be logged into your eMAG Marketplace account to be able to view all the tutorials. You can also access eMAG Academy from your eMAG Marketplace account by selecting the Academy section from the Menu.

In eMAG Academy, you can find written or video tutorials that guide you step by step on how to use the eMAG Marketplace platform, as well as webinar recordings with tips from specialists.

Some articles are available only for eMAG Marketplace sellers, so it’s necessary to log in to your seller account before accessing the articles you want.

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You can use the search function on the main page or navigate through the table of contents displayed next to any tutorial you open. This includes a dropdown list showing all the subtitles of a chapter. If you haven’t found the information you’re interested in among the results, you can message us. Your feedback also helps us improve and expand the information in eMAG Academy so that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.