Increase the visibility of your products with eMAG Ads

What is eMAG Ads

eMAG Ads is a pay per click (PPC) advertising system, through which you promote your products in listing and search.
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What are the benefits of eMAG Ads

Your products can have an average of 45% extra traffic

You can have an average of 55% more sales for promoted products

Useful program in promoting newly launched, seasonal products or stock clearances

How eMAG Ads works


Purchase credit

You can purchase credit in advance or use the credit limit with payout


Create your campaign

Set your campaign's validity period and allocate a daily budget


Choose products and set product bid

In the platform you can see what is the average bid for your category


Activate the campaign and see the results

Track traffic and sales indicators.
You can edit your campaign at any time to optimize sales

Where to display products promoted through eMAG Ads

They are displayed in all variants of the eMAG website: web, mobile and in-app.
In the eMAG website, the display areas are the listing page, the search page and the product page.

Are you a seller?

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Ads products are displayed on the category page and in the “Promoted Products” widget on the product pages in the category.

* At this moment we are testing three variants of displaying the products promoted by eMAG Ads. These will be visible on the category page, being marked with the text “Promoted” and will be displayed in one of the three areas of the product listing page: Throughout the testing period there will be no option to select the position where the promoted products will be displayed. These will appear in one of the three variants, depending on the relevance of the products and the bids configured for them. And if you can’t find the list of products promoted in the listing, you may have been placed in a test group that does not display eMAG Ads. You can try to delete cookies and access the listing page again. It is also possible that in some categories the eMAG Ads area will not be displayed if the system considers that the products in the campaigns are not relevant enough.

Displaying Ads products considers:

  • Relevance of the promoted product in the category to which it belongs;
  • Bid value as product bid by advertisers;
  • Holding the buy button offer;
  • The stock of the promoted product.

You pay the value set by you as a product bid for each click obtained. eMAG Ads allows cost optimization through the PPC (pay-per-click) model and leaves you free to manage your campaign on your own.The maximum costs per day are limited depending on the daily budget allocated to the campaign. Once the daily budget is reached, the campaign will no longer generate costs on that day.

In the eMAG Ads dashboard, you can find traffic and sales statistics at campaign level, including sales value and cost per click.You can also download the XLS report. Download the campaign to have data at product level (impressions; clicks; cost per click).

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New product listing flow

In this guide, you will find the most relevant information regarding the new product listing flow available on the eMAG Marketplace. 1.Association with an existing