Update the energy labels for your listed home appliances


As we have already communicated, since 2021 there have been changes regarding the energy labels for certain household appliances. Thus, the new energy labeling system introduced new energy efficiency classes From A to G instead of the old A to D.


 The eMAG Marketplace platform covers the following categories:

  • Televisions
  • Monitors with screen size over 100cm square
  • Washing machines
  • Top freezers refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Bottom freezers refrigerators
  • Side-by-side
  • Deep freezers
  • Chest freezers



We want to ensure that the provisions imposed by the legislation on the marketing of such products are complied with. Because we want the information available to our customers to be fully accurate and compliant, we inform you that on the eMAG Marketplace platform will no longer be able to sell products that do not have the new energy information added in the documentation.

Products that still display either the old label together with the new version at the same time, or only the old energy classification version, will be blocked on the platform, until they are brought to conformity.


  Therefore, for all your products in the above categories, please make sure that:

  • in the title, characteristics or description is mentioned only the new specific energy class
  • in the image gallery or description, you add the picture with the new energy label and remove any reference to the old energy classification

In the case of vacuum cleaners, any mention of the energy efficiency class must be eliminated.


It is important to start correcting the information for your products as soon as possible so as to avoid blocking them in the platform.

Also, if we identify or receive notifications regarding the lack of current energy information for the products included in the list of categories concerned, we will act upon their immediate blocking, reactivation on the platform being possible only after bringing the documentation into compliance according to the new legal provisions.


eMAG Marketplace team