Energy labeling of light sources and rules for their online sale!

From 1 September 2021, Regulation (EU) 2019/2015 on energy labeling of light sources established the obligation of new energy labels for light sources. The Regulation lays down requirements for labeling and providing additional product information on light sources with or without an integrated control device.

Starting with 01.03.2023, the new energy label for the following products is mandatory in the eMAG Marketplace platform:

See here the categories


Exceptions to this rule are:

– bulbs with a luminous flux of less than 60 lumens,

– led strips,

– products powered by batteries or USB.


What you need to do


 Discuss with your suppliers

Ask your suppliers to provide you with new energy labels or replace products with new labels. Existing labels relating to light sources must be replaced by labels reclassified to cover the existing label, including when printed on or attached to the packaging.



The label for light sources shall contain the following information:


  • (I) supplier’s name or trade mark;
  • (II) supplier’s model identifier;
  • (III) scale of energy efficiency classes from A to G;
  • (IV) the energy consumption, expressed in kWh of electricity consumption per 1 000 hours, of the light source in on-mode;
  • (V) QR-code;
  • (VI) the energy efficiency class in accordance with Annex II;
  • (VII) the number of this Regulation that is ‘2019/2015’


Update your product documentation 


    • Name: Fill in the title with the new energy class of the product, where mentioned.
    • Images: It is mandatory to add in the image gallery a picture with the energy label, as well as a photo of the technical data sheet specific to each product. If the technical sheet has more than 2 pages, then you can add a photo with the first page of the sheet in the image gallery, and in the description area you will add the entire document to be accessed by the customers. 
    • Description: Check if you mentioned the energy class of the product and fill in the new values, also, add the entire document of the technical documentation for the product so that it can be consulted by customers.
    • Features: Make sure you have completed the Energy Class field, you have chosen that for products in the Bulbs and Neon tubes categories, the Energy Class field is mandatory to fill in because it becomes a selection filter in the site.

These rules apply to all light sources, including when the light source is part of a contained product.



We would like to point out that since 1.03.2023, all the old values in the energy class field for products in the Bulbs and Neon tubes categories have been deleted. And from March 10, products that will not have the updated documentation with: Energy class added to the list of features, as well as photo with the new energy class and photo with the first page of the technical sheet in the image gallery, will be blocked in the platform.

Also, in the case of any referrals relating to the products included in the list of categories covered by the European Regulation, regarding the lack of current energy information, we will act to block them immediately.

The reactivation of products blocked in the platform will only be possible after the documentation has been brought into conformity according to the new legal provisions.


eMAG Marketplace team